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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

It only took two hours

By bits and pieces, I'm pulling together my former Lorna in Wonderland blog.

This morning I rebuilt my blogreading list---I hope I haven't left anyone out.  Rebuilding the list makes it easier for me to stay updated, but it amazed me how long it took to do this essential step.  I could have imported my old one if my old one wasn't sitting on an inaccessible site.

Oh, have I mentioned this before?  The dormant blog?  Did I include in that mentioning that the stupidity was mine?  That I fiddled with something that wasn't broken until I broke it?

Can I really mean it when I say this is the last time I'm going to mention it?

Gack!!!! I only get some of the names on my blogroll.  This is not going well.


  1. Don't stress you'll get it done sooner or later... or you could pay someone to do it for you, tee hee.


  2. Ah so, it's beyond recovery from your tech support person?

  3. Well I thinK you are doing great. I am in great need of sending my "dream" laptop in for a minor repair as it is in warranty. But all the backup and saving is a pain, even though I back up, you never get it back to where it was. I am going to try to "image it this time as well as a dozen other ways. By the time I get all that done it may be out of warranty--just kidding.

    I do have another laptop I can use and as most of my bloggers on it.

  4. You are better for me than Tylenol.

  5. Oh, dear. I need to redo mine, too, but I've to get my blog groove back first. Did I make it to your list? I'll check.