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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Yay! but don't get too excited.

Two views of the chalk-painted counter stool

I have now finished all three and find myself relatively satisfied. Using the chalk paint certainly beat stripping and sanding before painting.  I didn't know how much work it would be to buff the wax coating though.  I imagine Dave and I will be buffing furniture while watching TV through the rest of the winter.  I've got enough done that we can sit on them, but they don't feel as nice as I know they could.

Look to the left, see my 7 year old runners; the not-as-gorgeous but brand-new runners are to the right.  And I'm keeping them both, even though the old ones have started moving away from the soles.

This weekend, I may get instructions on how to send myself the photos I take with my phone.  Depends on Emily's good will.   She's a good person, but I think I try her patience....

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Not a Facebook status update

A while back, I talked about giving up wine.  I gave up that.

I promised photos of my new Lelli Kelly runners.  I have pics on my phone but I can't send them to myself.  therefore I cannot post them. 

I actually finished working on the counter stools I was painting, but can only post one picture, which I sent to Emily, and she sent back, a foolish move which I am not going to use again.  Especially because I can't actually find it.

I just spent the better part of an hour looking at 3306 photos stored on Google + that I thought were gone out of my life.  None of them were the ones I was looking for.

I declare myself the least photo-posting blogger in all of the cyberworld, but there's always consolation in a nice glass of wine.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

I sabotage myself

Today, I outdid myself.

I was up early, making my breakfast, and planning to, at the most, clean the stove-top, which had been bubbling at me when I made my coffee.  The rest of the day was going to be focussed on some new books I'd downloaded from Scribd and the public library.  

the chosen colour called Arles
Before Dave got up, but after my coffee, some kind of foreign thoughts started to push books out of my mind and put chalk paint and counter stools in their place, and before I knew it, I was dressed in old jeans and a t-shirt, putting a drop-cloth on the living room floor and stirring paint.

This is the day of the week when we have dinner with Sarah, Julia and Emma, so it wasn't a good idea to take on three pieces of furniture, a can of paint and another of soft finishing wax.   It's especially not a good idea because part of the deal is that we make the meal and take it over to their house, but I refused to listen to internaLorna and got down to the painting business.

I haven't finished yet, and because the lighting in our place is lovely but hardly able to allow a paint inspection, I don't know how well I accomplished my task.

I may take photos tomorrow after I buff the wax.  I will also take photos of the amazing silver and pink sequinned high top runners that were delivered this week.  I'm starting to quiver at the idea of sitting on my mediterranean yellow counter stool with my sequins all ready to scratch the new paint when I cross my legs.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Perfect is as Perfect does

I'm back to the purple text.  I wonder if there's some significance to my changing text colours randomly?

Yesterday, I had a surreal experience.  Actually, friends often tell me that my experiences are surreal, but I'm hoping that reflects more on their lifestyle than mine.

My experience was this:  After doing all the things I make myself do in the morning before I sit down with coffee and a book, I grabbed a book I'd picked up from our Share-it library in the Fitness Room of our building.  No, that is not surreal.  I have fewer books than I used to have, and enjoy taking down books that I've finished or finished with, so that I can righteously take a book someone has left there.  I sat down with my coffee and the paperback, and when I finished the page I was on, I tried to click the bottom corner to turn the page.  I didn't know whether to laugh or click again.

I thought it might be a good idea to see if "surreal" was really the descriptor I wanted to use.  Found this: surreal:  having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream, unreal.  
borrowed from wikipedia

 I thought this image was an interesting if dramatic addition to the surreality.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Some People Just Have to Know

In no way am I intending to make this post a woeful one, but just out of curiosity, if you don't drink wine, what do you do when you're making dinner, reading books, or having a bath?

Monday, 22 September 2014

Is there intemperance in my future?

I've heard at least one too many comments about my prolific falling and incredible story-repeating when I drink.   It seems I'm not as good at gauging how much I should go for as I used to be.

It is true that I have fallen, but I also fall when I'm not drinking, but as falling isn't my only charaacteristic when indulging, I've decided to give up alcohol.

I have always, since my last horrendous sip of Southern Comfort in 1965, been a wine drinker, with an occasional beer thrown in for companionship or Chinese food, so this should be a relatively easy initiative.

Given that I also want to lose 6 pounds, there is an incentive that doesn't link to my vanity.  Oh, whoops!

I don't want to go on about this, as I do think it's not such a big deal, but I'm going to follow up with a reminder in my calendar to see how I'm doing.

I'll be pleased if this works.  I just won't be as much fun.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Call me irresponsible.....

What does it say about you when your most visited sites are Google, IMDB, Kobo, OCTranspo and

Everyone has their own reasons for visiting Google; mine are myriad.

IMDB is there because while I love old movies, new TV and streaming programs, I can never match up a person's name, face and vehicle.  And by that I mean artistic vehicle.  And by that  I don't mean a 1964 Camaro.

My reasons for visiting Kobo are similar to my reasons for actually visiting the Wine Rack store.  I am more restrained at the Wine Rack.

OCTranspo is in the list because I hate to be late to anything, and transit schedules, glitches and failures are there to help me, if I'm not in the mood to drive.


I only visit the site where these live once a week or so...I think I should be lauded for my resistance.
A fish called wander heel

Friday, 12 September 2014


Today I was walking along the hallway, starting to worry because my vision seemed to be failing.  This was coming on the news that my hearing is diminished in both ears.

Then I realized I was walking with my reading glasses on.  Still having trouble with the ears though.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Observations at the Market

not my photo, but typical of today
  • people in Ottawa are ambivalent about their sartorial response to the days after Labour Day.  Half of the people downtown and on the bus were dressed for November and the other half for mid-July.  It made for a pleasant diversion.
  • there is a frightening increase in stories of people being abused, being big-time abused, by police.   I don't want to generalize but if I were living in the US right now, I would be uneasy.   But I never fail to see people being cared for in some way by the police or paramedics when I'm downtown, particularly in the market area and that, together with the strong presence of the emergency services in all the Pride activities, buoys me up. 
  •  Our downtown market is in the midst of change.  There is a new, very fancy, very expensive shoe store and a new café that specializes in things like salted caramel chocolate milkshakes, where you buy the chocolate you want to use and tell the server what you want done with it...spread on crepes, mixed into your ice cream or melted into hot chocolate.  Don't tell me that a new shoe store and a chocolate café isn't a siren song directed at me.
  • Our street entertainers, always a delight and a drain on the money at my disposal, continue to be more and more diverse---I saw a young woman singing opera in a dress that barely covered her generous bosom, another woman in Japanese kimono playing an instrument I have only ever read about, a young man who tears around a closed  intersection on the inside of a huge bamboo-looking hoop, a couple of men of my age with acoustic guitars and pony tails to endear them to me while they sang songs from the 70s and a chalk artist whose work seemed to open up the sidewalk to a whole Hobbit village.  I could have stayed all day.
And the wonderful thing is that I could walk to the market.  I did bus back, but why else have a transit pass?

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Paperish Delights

Oh goodness!  I'm starting to get catalogues stacked in my mail box---it must be coming up on Christmas.  Signals which is published by Public Television is probably my favourite, but I get a bunch more, which I always honour with a thorough read but from which I seldom buy anything.  They are however loyal to me even though I'm not really egging them on.
I'm not sure why but I'm attracted to Mr and Mrs Nevermore
The other day, while I was doing the washing, I was strangely driven to pick up all the new catalogues and circle things I would buy if money were no object.  Actually, space would have to be no object too, as one can only have so many tea dresses and leather and lace hightop bridal boots (Victorian Trading Company) or gazing ball stakes and a set of 7 seedpod birds from Zimbabwe (Signals).  Even though I have only two empty spaces in my shoe-hanger, the Hearthside Slippers, the Comfort Mocs and the ink-black Mary Janes from LL Bean would be nice.  I could do with the amazing Avocado Tool and the Storybook White Cotton Petticoat Nightgown from The Added Touch.

But the most appealing of all, were I rich and space-blessed, would be a decadent thrill. Can you imagine curling up in the corner of this with a book, a glass of wine and a box of chocolates? Even though I claim to be not fond of brown furniture, and decandence and I are strangers, I'd give in.