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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Unremembrance of things past

Today and yesterday I spent hours reading my old blogposts and the comments people have left on them, and it was so much fun.  I would look at the title and try to figure out what the post was about, and seldom was I right.  To make that seem less doltish, I often couldn't find a connection between the title, which I always slipped in last, and the content.  Imagine what that must have been like for people who read those posts.

It saddened me a bit to see comments from people I don't hear from anymore---mostly because they've gone to Facebook or Google Plus, and stopped writing blogposts.  When I was reading the 2010 posts, especially the ones written around our trip to California, I was reminded how amazing it was to have actually met some of the people whose blogs I read.  Blogging seems to make stronger links between people than Facebook or Google Plus, probably because so much more of the writer is invested in blogs.

Most surprising was the change in our grandchildren as evidenced by the photos and videos.  I thought I could remember everything about those kids, so I was delighted to see them in forgotten photos where they were younger, rounder-faced, not-walking-yet or still wowed by things that are old-hat to them now.   

I always hoped from the time I first started blogging that I would take pleasure in it.  What I hadn't realized that the pleasure wouldn't be just in the writing.  

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Paradise Regained

 Two years ago, after convincing my family that I wasn't just infatuated, but in real love, with the iPod nano, I was gifted with one for a significant birthday.  With the help of my talented kids and grandkids, I learned how to use it, and downloaded a lot of music I really loved.  Heavy on:
Meat Loaf


The Civil Wars

Hart Rouge

Lucinda Williams

Ron Sexsmith


And I know I'm going to be annoyed at the loved albums I haven't referred to.  I didn't include any of the classical ones, because although I thoroughly enjoy it, I can't line up the music with the concertos, movements and symphonies, not to mention the composers.

I loved walking with an iPod, crocheting with one, sitting in a chair with popcorn and one, or drinking wine and eating chocolate with one.

Last summer, I lent the Nano to Emily.  She is a sweet and generous person, and I decided that I wouldn't ask for it back, knowing how full of babies and work and meals and kickboxing her life is.  And now I have an iPod shuffle, which is teeny tiny efficient, cheerful and did I mention inexpensive.  It's perfect.

I'd totally forgotten how much I love having music beating in my ears, and how happy it makes me to find ways to do stuff with music in the foreground.  

Monday, 21 July 2014

Lucky? I guess!!

I took none of the following photos, which explains why I really love them.  I wish I had more.

Last Friday, Chris was home overnight, and Dave was just a week past his birthday, so we had a family dinner to celebrate those two things.  It was an excellent evening, at which only one of us took photos, which was really a shame because we'd spiffed up the patio, laid on a good-sized meal which included Chris's special request for roast beef and yorkshire pudding and shared the hand-made birthday greetings that some of the people at Dave's 60th birthday had given us to present to Dave on his next significant birthday.  Food, drink, friends, family, balloons, kids, and emotion---it couldn't have been better, unless it had been bigger, which Dave had especially asked that we not do.

Dave, post-food, pre-birthday greetings:

Me and our friend Merv, watching kids' hi-jinks:

And an especially lovely photo of Emily:

We have been so lucky to have such wonderful days to treasure.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Why there is no image with this post

Is there a "Selfies for Dummies" site?  

This evening, Dave and I went out for dinner---just us; a date.  I changed into a brand-new dress, chose the exactly right necklace and earrings, added my favourite wedge heels and did the make-up thing to what felt like perfection.

"Hmm" said I, "I could take a picture of me as a grown-up in a dress I really like, and post it on my blog and just relax and enjoy the compliments."


I couldn't figure out how to get a selfie that showed the dress without cutting off my head, or without showing just the top of a dress whose specialness is in the bottom half.

Never mind.  Dave and I went to a place called Salt on Preston St., and got 600 times our money's worth in date qualities.  The bartender introduced himself, remembered our names and used them until we left, the wine and the food were superlative, the owner came round and asked us if we were enjoying ourselves, and the bathroom was a place I could live in for the rest of my life.  Photos were extraneous.

Just imagine a time we were together and you thought I looked the best I'd ever looked.  Then add the magic of a couple of glasses of wine, flattering candlelight and the love of my life.

Monday, 7 July 2014


Last week, we went to Barrie for our granddaughter Phoebe's graduation from high school.  There were 350 graduates.  When I graduated from high school, I was at a girls-only Catholic high school and we had 6 graduates.  Quite a different event.  

Here are Phoebe's photos:

diplomaed and flowered

Phoebe and proud Dave 
Phoebe and proud but short Lorna

Sunday, 29 June 2014

No lurching in line please.

This year, as you probably know, World Pride is in Toronto.  Actually, as I write, it is winding down, and I didn't get to participate at all, except in my heart.

I had a plan.  Since I was in Barrie for Phoebe's graduation, (beautiful photos of her to follow) Dave and I had planned to walk in the Trans Parade on Friday evening.  All the rest of our days and evenings were booked for family things and we were heading for home on Sunday as I had commitments for Sunday evening and Monday.

Naturally, I went to bed after Phoebe's grad feeling a little dizzy, but I thought that might have had to do with the fact that in a group of 750 or so adults, Dave and I and a few stalwarts had to clap for every kid among the 350 graduates whose peers' families were slumping in their chairs waiting for "their own".  We were, all 6 of us, exhausted.

Alas, the dizzy stayed on until Saturday morning and we missed our chance to be a part of something (other than our family things) that was really amazing and meaningful.  Last year, the Trans March was the most meaningful and satisfying event for me at Toronto Pride and I was really looking forward to an even more amazing and meaningful walk this year.  

However, contrary to popular belief, Toronto isn't the only town in Ontario, so I'll still have a chance in Brockville and Peterborough and Montreal and Ottawa.  I'll be the one in the absolutely prideful purple tunic and the handmade rainbow earrings made by my friend Sue.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A timely post

How did it get to be June 24th without my realizing?

I had so many things I was going to do before the 24th!  Tomorrow Dave and I are driving up to Barrie to attend Phoebe's high school graduation, which none of us can believe is happening, and to celebrate my brother Doug's 60th birthday (ditto about believing), and to spend part of the day at World Pride in Toronto and walk in the Trans March on the 27th.

We had a plan to spend a few days together somewhere luxurious or at least bed-and-breakfasty, but I left it too late, not realizing it was the week of the two national holidays and nothing close to affordable is available.

There is a lesson about organization to be learned here.  I'm putting a note in my Google calendar to deal with when we get home.  Or surely before the end of July.

Monday, 16 June 2014

In which I act like a lovelorn teen

Dave is coming home today after 5 weeks of camping, touristing, hiking, observing, and searching out good ice cream with his brother.

I am as excited as I was in 1974, when he decided to cut short his backpacking trip to Europe and joined me and my kids in an apartment built into the slope of the roof of a house on Cooper Street.

I woke up early this morning, knowing that sleeping in was not in the cards, but wanting to treat this day like any other Monday, (actually, for retired people, that means like Saturday), but I'm two coffees in and just getting more wound up.  This is not good, as I like to present a genteel, calm, collected facade.  And it's not good because they won't get here until after dinner tonight.

I was so glad when Dave and Lloyd were planning their trip, so happy that they were having such a great and fulfilling trip but enough is enough.  Drive on!


Friday, 13 June 2014

A slightly different point of view

It seems lately that all my posts are smartass posts, which is only partly reflective of the real me.  I noticed that because I was thinking of Dave and my dad as Fathers' Day is approaching, and realized that I had just decided to postpone writing until I stopped crying over my incredible joy in the fathers who are close to me.  That now includes Chris, Bruce and Morgan, fathers to our grandchildren, although that is probably not how they identify  themselves.  To a lesser but still surprising degree, it includes some men I know who look out for me in ways that seem fatherly.  

I had intended to import a post I'd written a few years ago but decided against it, even though it is very true, because it focussed so entirely on my dad.  

I am glad I wrote that post, I still feel it, but today I want to be more inclusive.  I want to recognize all those wonderful men who have treated me with the love and respect and worry that is appropriate in a description of a father.   It's not a common perspective :  a woman in her 70s expressing gratitude for the fatherliness of people from such an age range, but I am so conscious today of all of those people, and so blessed.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Domestic mysteries

Last night, after I finished reading, I put my Kobo e-reader on my bedside table.  A few minutes ago, when I woke up and decided to read, I grabbed my glasses from on top of the Kobo, then noticed that the e-reader had not turned itself off, as it is supposed to do after 10 minutes of no action.  Eerie.

The other night, I was awakened at precisely 3:13 a.m. by the screaming of a talking doll which had been inside a box that fell off a shelf in my closet.  It was cheerleading Elmo, who stood on the floor moving his arms as he was chanting  E-L-M-O.  Super eerie.

When I sat down to write about eerie things, I heard a noise from outside my bedroom, went out to see what it was, and the dishwasher door had opened itself.  It was still quivering when I got to the kitchen.

If I were 12 instead of elderly, I would have to turn myself in as a poltergeist.