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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I thought I was thinking of one thing, but...

I've been waiting for the monster storm---the wind, the rain, the thunder, possibly the snow.  Nothing has been happening except that the temperature went up to 19C, which is warm for this time of year.  
I can't believe I'm writing about weather---one of my least favourite topics in the world.  In fact it's right up there with fussball, travelling to Las Vegas and orthopoedic science.

Actually, I wish I were able to write with some distance and more understanding about how heavy my heart is around the Omar Khadr issue, and how disappointed I am in what appears to be my country's complacency.  I know that many people think otherwise, and I respect that, but I still hold to my belief that this was badly handled and has had an unneccessarily tragic result.  A child soldier is a child soldier, and torture is torture.  Where are the grey areas?


  1. I don't trust the "official" version of events. Maybe once upon a time I would have, but in view of all the lies the authorities have been caught in over the last few years, I just can't.

  2. Plus what: 8 or 9 years until trial?

  3. it's very warm where we are also in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Have yourself a wonderful Thursday.

  4. Apparently it is a crime to fight back. It's not a crime to torture. Or to make millions for Haliburton at the cost of thousands of American servicemen and hundreds of thousand Iraqis. But heaven help you if you dare stand up to the invader,oppressor,lying thief occupier and their mercenaries. Bush/Cheney = War criminals. Harper = Holder of the Bully's coat. Canadian public = running dog apathetic lackeys of the first order.