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Sunday, 19 December 2010

The sound of one hand flapping....

Emma slept over on Friday night.

A different sleepover, the same funny Emma

Friday night has been sleepover night for Emily and Robyn since Robyn was born; we established the sleepover on the premise of being able to help Emily get some sleep, which because Friday (and only those Fridays when they're here), is the only night I ever sleep through, has been less than successful.  Fun, engaging, exciting, endearing and totally calming for me.  No matter how fussy Robyn is, I sleep like the baby we want her to be.  Ironic, yet so typical of our best laid plans.

So this Friday, we were five, one of whom was wonderfully excited at being able to play with her baby cousin, and totally unaware of how different she was from an 11-month old.  We had dinner together, some of us had a play-bath together, and we wisely broke into two factions just before bedtime, Emma and I being the faction in the bedroom, in which apparently, the TV is central.  We watched The Polar Express.  I found it a tad scary, what with a red-mittened ghost and 9 year old kids hanging off an out of control steam train, but maybe I'm too sensitive.

Saturday morning, raspberry pancakes behind us, Emma and I went to prepare our condo common room for a party that's happening Sunday night.  We set up tables and schlumped chairs, decorated a tree or two, and sang along to computer-generated Christmas carols.  And Emma danced.  And danced.  And danced in her stocking feet with strips of goldfoil wrapping paper streaming behind her.  And then went out with Dave to toboggan the hill that slopes down to the kayak run.

A totally different, equally lovely, experience  from last week's sleepover with Julia.  Dave took photos which I'll be able to post tomorrow, if we have time to discuss downloading today.  


  1. Sounds great -- as if sleepovers keep getting better.

  2. Lorna's other half19 December 2010 at 12:58

    P.S. No-one's eye was poked out in the making of that bedtime story.

  3. Sleepovers at your house sound like fun. Did Emma find the Polar Bear Express scary too?

  4. Sleep overs can be magical and your grandkids all sound magical to me.

  5. I could use a sleepover like that, at least once a month, but then I don't know where we would sleep over except leave home. HA HA.