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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Dregs of January

Things are starting to wind down here.  This is the first day in quite a few that I haven't had a ToDo list.  I could have had one I guess.  It would have said:
* Get up.  I mean it.
*Make coffee.  Drink it.  Repeat.
*Stop reading long enough to acknowledge Dave and breakfast.
*Do nothing you don't feel like doing.
*Blog, if you can think of anything.


  1. I guess you thought of something -- sort of.

  2. Bob,Chloe,Gavin,Jessica and Kathy are playing video games and peek a boo in the other room. Gavin is beating all comers at Naruto Storm 2 and Chloe is winning at peek a boo. Bob is a baby magnet and Chloe has everyone fighting to see who gets to pick her up, or feed her, even the waitresses at the pizza place want to hold her.