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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

In which I concoct a theory

I have a wonderful place between my neck and my shoulder.  It's the place where kids put their chins when they're crying or sick or sad.  My husband sometimes tries illegally to tickle me there with his stubble.

I maintain that it's the use of Body Shop Coconut Body Butter that leads them to seek that place, but as soon as I wrote that I realize I've only had that body butter since Christmas, so it's a flawed theory. Funny how that works.  I thought about it today when Robyn, poor sick-with-a-cold kid snuggled up and cried hot tears on that place where her cousins sometimes kiss me.  I actually passed a few minutes wondering about the powerful pull of coconut and congratulating myself on my ability to choose scents with appeal.

I am so easy to fool.  But for whatever reason, I love having that special place.


  1. Oh coconut body butter. Can I come and snuggle up with you too? I love that stuff.

  2. I too love that spot, and if my long term memory serves me correctly, for more than snagging an illegal tickle - say no more!

    Your other fraction

  3. Hmmmm... I love the theory, and with the results, it would seem to support the theory!!!

  4. methinks yr. theory has holes; it's you not the coconut. :)