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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

In which I fold and learn...

Something wicked this way comes.

I never watch daytime TV unless I'm crocheting, and arthritis plus grumpiness has made that not too thrilling, so the chances of my seeing something on the Oprah Winfrey Network are pretty slim. My evening television is pretty much centred on Law and Order clones, when I'm not watching Castle or Fringe, so OWN is not a nighttime option either.

Hah!  The other day I had a large load of picky laundry---tablecloths and napkins, dishtowels and other stuff that needs folding, so I turned on the TV, surfed a bit and got engulfed in Oprahstuff.  The show that caught me was called Enough Already, and was about people who need help organizing their junk.  I actually chose it because I thought it would be easy to turn off when my laundry was folded.

Hah! again.  This show centred around a family whose father was diagnosed with leukemia, has been fighting it for 13 years and finally has been told he only has months to live.  He tires easily and wanted to be able to sit downstairs and visit with family and friends, but his living room and a couple of other rooms are piled high with things the family buys, loses interest in and stashes.

I kind of liked the guy who was the clean-up expert; he seemed to know his stuff, and on top of that, he was compassionate and understanding from the get-go.  There's nothing I like better than high-stakes emotionalism, usually my own, and how could I miss with this show?

Since it's flashy beginnings, I've been a non-watcher of reality TV yet here I found myself unable to look away for an hour while a truly troubled family was led through a problem that was just a symbol of their root issues.

The man-I-thought-was-an-interior-decorator-wannabe said the right things, took the right action, offered to turn off the cameras when it was appropriate and gave this family good advice for their emotional issues and their stacking-junk issues.  He even wrapped it all up together by getting them to have a yard sale with proceeds going to the Leukemia Association.

I may never be able to walk past the TV at 2 in the afternoon again.  Evil, I tell you!


  1. It will be ok :)

    Of course, you could always join me and cut television out completely? It's done wonders for my reading! Not that you need any incentive to do that ;)

  2. We just watched a different episode, and I asked Cuppa what sort of training he might have. It would seem that he has some knowledge of psychology either formally or informally. I do like him although I am not generally a fan of these types of programs. He seems to help the couples relationship and not just clean up the place.

  3. I liked those "hoarder" shows as I am a tad that way. Recently I sent 42 boxes to the Humane Society; all old slides in carasols which some people will buy and pitch the slides. and tons of old photos. One expensive item was a night view like was used in Operation Desert Storm ($200), a gift to husband he never used. I put something semi-valuable in every box so they got something for throwing away the unsalable junk.

    I was going to have a yard sale but it was mid summer and my current A-Fib was becoming more of a issue.

  4. I wish I could get it, but I can't get OWN on my service provider which is in Quebec across the bridge from Ottawa(1). It seems there is a language rule, I think, that an equal French language channel must be added to any new English channel(?). But I do love those reality shows of all kinds. Ever hear of Alaska Gold Rush or Auction Kings???

  5. I haven't watched the OWN network yet. I'll have to check it out.

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  7. I'm sure there's lots of good stuff on Oprah and on OWN, if you can just get past all the g.d. commercials every five minutes. Gak! Sitting on my ass for one hour, for 29 minutes of actual programming... I hate that.