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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I have to confess

The team investigates when bodies are discoverd buried in the ocean floor off the coast of Florida,

The team searches for FBI Director Jack Fickler's abducted goddaughter.

I rearranged my volunteer work so that I could be home and available for the two shows described above.    Shows that sometimes revolve around things I can barely bear to think about but can't seem to notwatch.

I remember when I used to rearrange things so I could see Star Trek in its various forms,  the Dick van Dyke Show, Square Pegs, the shows that were smart and funny.  Some were even intellectually challenging.

None of them dealt with graphic horror.  After the first fewbooks, I didn't even read Stephen King.  I wouldn't let my kids watch Thriller, and I wouldn't let them watch any murder mysteries alone.

What has happened to my sensibilities? 

I still cry at some Bell commercials, I have all of the Narnia books and the complete His Dark Materials, I go to dance performances and theatre, I read the lyrics to romantic songs and I appreciate a beautiful sunset, a fine wine and middling to exquisite chocolate.  Poetry moves me.  I'm sentimental about all kinds of things like shoes, photographs, cats and babies but I can't get my fill of Criminal Minds.  Or Dexter. Or Six Feet Under.


  1. and that's why we love you. :D

  2. It's okay!!!!! I'm addicted to NCIS and Law and Order!!!!

  3. You were the best at figuring out the killer in Murder She Wrote!!

  4. I'm pretty much like that too. I sniffle pretty easily but like certain programs, like Criminal Minds. We don't rearrange schedules though, Lorna; we PVR. Come on, you want to be a thoroughly modern woman. Don't you?

  5. I miss Dexter. I have all the books. Can't wait for the new season to start, also Weeds and Shameless. TV is very boring to me lately. and PVR'ing is the way to go rather than rearranging your life, dear. Go for it! Evelyn

  6. Weel in US some programs are different depending on whether we have only over the air TV, cablevision or satellite vision.

    But I am not in too graphic horror on TV or books. I have watched reruns of Reba (McIntire) sitcom for 4 years and Golden Girls. I watch some things in "horror" like hoarding or certain destructive counseling like drug and alchohol extremes.Don't like war eithe.

  7. I'm a Law & Order and NCIS junkie so I understand how you feel. The good news is that I can get a 'fix' from Netflix whenever I want.

  8. I have just come back from a blogging break so I wasn't aware you weren't feeling well. Hope you feel better very soon. Nice to have the e-book, I have one as well but haven't used it very much and usually I am an avid reader. I too read Stephen Kings books many years ago but haven't for a very long time now, don't like horror anymore. Be well.......:-)Hugs