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Monday, 2 May 2011

Not just Monday

Election Day in Canada!  My God, I always forget what a charge I get from voting---I hang around the voting station till someone gives me a scowl just because I love to watch people vote.  Our polling station is in Chinatown and that much richer an event for the election voyeur.

This year it's so important, and I hope I'm not going to have my heart broken.  At least in my riding, we know we have a strong NDP candidate, so maybe it will ripple outwards.  If you know me, you know I'm hoping for a change in government.  And I'm not all that picky about who makes the change.

When I went out to vote today, it was raining.  I knew that.  I had a raincoat on, which I always forget is only a raincoat in name, not profession; I had a big umbrella; I own a pair of wellies, but I chose to wear shoes.  All of the above, except for the wellies, are soaking wet, sitting in my bathtub, causing me to feel uncharitable about some of the drivers out today.  I think I know what party those irresponsible, inhumane and short-sighted people are from.

After I got home, we had a visit from the Dell guy, who is actually the Unisys guy.  He didn't laugh when I told him what our problem was, but I'd eased into it by telling him that I was sick in bed when I did the foolish deed.  Both the DVD and the CD are still working, and in fact, Justin Rutledge is singing into my head as I write.

I'm doing, momentarily, the thing I thought I'd do always when I was retired:  listen to music with both headphones and lyrics, and it's heaven.

So Voters, don't spoil my mood!


  1. Voted!! I feel I have the right to comment/complain about the government as long as I've made the effort to get out there and vote! (words taken from my hubby's mouth, just this afternoon)

  2. No nail biting in this blue riding.

  3. I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one who gets a 'rush' from voting! I always remember that there are people around the world who don't have the privilege and that bothers me so I cherish my good luck in living in my country!

  4. I must admit that I don't get a rush from voting like I did when I was young. I do everything absentee these days. I don't know your political climate in Canada. Give us a synopsis.

  5. Thanks so much for your really interesting and informative e-mail about the parties and Canadian politics.

    I'm worried you haven't posted which makes me think you might still be under the weather. Love to you.

  6. I choose to vote in the national US national election because (1) I was taught that was what the US was founded up on, the right to voice our preference, even if not popular, and (2) because my husband spent 22 years of his adult life serving in our military to protect that right.