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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Lorna and Willie, on the road again

I just spent almost a week away from home, attending a conference and visiting with my brother Sean and my sister Kathy.  I made some good friends at the conference, saw more rain than I liked and rediscovered my joy in the road.  All things reasonable for a granny of a certain age and dignity.

What I did that was apparently outr√© for said granny, was grab a hunk of hair that kept blowing in my eyes while I was driving, and run a braid down the side of my face.  It did the job of keeping my hair out of my eyes and I soon forgot about it as I cranked up the volume of the cool people I had singing on my memory stick. 

As is my wont when on a summer road trip, I went into Timmy's to get iced coffee. It was nice in there, but there was a long line-up and I  started to feel antsy. I decided to hang in, but soon I could sense the huffiness of someone tsking-tsking behind me, who finally said to her mother, "Isn't that lady too old for braids?"

The mother was mortified, and while I felt sympathetic, I immediately decided to investigate how many other ways I can braid my hair and whether or not it is illegal to share, inadvertently, a cup of iced coffee  by way of drizzling it over the head of the sharee.


  1. Ah yes ... too old for braids, too old for love and sex, too old for long hair, too old for short skirts, too old for this, too old for that. While on the opposite end of the spectrum are those who are too young for brains, too young for understanding, too young to realize that there is no time limit on any human experience.

  2. What SHE said!!!! (Kiss Me Kate)
    Sending love ~

  3. Willie got the coolest hair in sho bizness.

  4. Oh, no. You are entitled to do and wear and be whatever you want. These are your purple years. I would have been mortified if I were the kids mom, too, but you never know what they will say. I remember my six year old son walking over to the college where I worked and when my sweetheart boss said, "Hi, Tony," he said, "I hate you, old fogey." Yikes.(And he was probably only 50)