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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Out! damned sugar!

Yesterday, after some soul-searching and some first-class concern, Dave and I decided that the only way to deal with our lack of discipline around sweet foods was to have none.

I waited till Dave was out, then started stacking the cookies, puddings, boxed European desserts, candies, cookie fixings, ice cream, sundae toppings, maple syrup, sugar, jams and glazes.  It made a substantial pile of stuff, expensive decadent, self-indulgent stuff.

Emily, our dear soul, was going to relieve us of our burden because a person who takes at least 3 martial arts classes a week obviously has some self-discipline.  She quizzed us about this total clear-out, and after a quick discussion, Dave decided to keep maple syrup in case he makes pancakes, and I decided to keep sugar for my coffee.

This morning, after my small, small  glass of OJ and my yoghurt, I had coffee and buttered toast for breakfast.  Now I'm afraid that I'm going to be stuck having buttered toast for every meal, because OHMIGOD it was good.   And ohmigod, I appear to be more food-oriented than I thought.

Dave and I each have a goal of losing 15 pounds, which we know we can do.  I just don't know if I want to keep on keeping on after I make that goal.  When I'm pleased with myself, red wine and chocolate cake seem the best way to celebrate, and I'll be back on the cycle.  Unless, my secret weapon works: I'm not doing this for me, I'm doing it to support Dave.

I've done hard things before with that goal in mind, either for Dave, or for someone I care about, so maybe, just maybe, it'll work to change the focus.  Check back with me in 3 months, I'm sure I'll be babbling about it in some way.


  1. I need to do something too ... as I sit here munching cheesies. I think I'll have to extricate myself from this gig before I will be able to re-summon the willpower.

  2. I admire your dedication!!! However, my ex-husband used to tease me that, for me, the 4 basic food groups are salt, grease, ketchup, and beer -- chocolate is a deity. Sadly, I think he's right!

  3. Hmm! Now it's public, I guess I'll have to make a serious effort to keep up my end of the bargain.

    Your other fraction - not always half, but . . .

  4. All I can say is Good Luck! GOOD LUCK!

    I made such promises, cleaned out and re-bought so many groceries, I could be rich.

  5. I'm wishing you all the best, Lorna! YES, YOU CAN!!

  6. I stopped buying Dare maple cookies and ice cream, and 7 weeks ago started walking briskly every day for 2.7 to 3.7 kms. I don't eat much, either, as a matter of fact at the rate I eat I should be a rail, and what I do eat is pretty healthy stuff. I drink my coffee black. Yet today I weighed exactly the same as I did 7 weeks ago. Even though I'm sure there is less belly fat now. Can the weigh scale be trusted to give an accurate picture of your condition? I think not.

    I caught Dr Oz the other day; he said drinking one glass of cold water every morning when you first get up will make you lose 7 lbs in one year. Due to the calories your body uses to warm itself up after you drink the water!

    Will follow your progress with high hopes that you find it easy to get to and remain at your best.

  7. Way to go--although I am not disciplined enough to do this. My downfall leans toward carbs, fat and salt. I think doing it for Dave is a really fine way to go--and when I get the oomph to lose some weight, I'll do it for Dave, too.