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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Why Dave might want to do more reading

Tonight, I'm sitting in my "office", which would be my eating place if it were earlier in the day, watching Dave peel apples for his famous applesauce pancakes.  He has invited the family over for brunch tomorrow and now that he is the official breakfast maker, and I have successfully designated brunch as a sub-section of breakfast, I get to just sit and watch, or conversely, sneak away somewhere to read. 

I wonder how hard it would be to get dinner designated.  I can always take care of lunch, especially if I'm by myself and there's lots of peanut butter, but if dinner were another breakfast subset, I could get in at least one more hour of reading.

I wouldn't stoop that low if Dave were a more vociferous reader---I hold some things sacred, after all.  But he looks really good with a knife and a naked apple.


  1. I think you are clever enough to figure out how to get the dinner issue to work out in your favor. :D

  2. Meanwhile, he could be a naked chef.

  3. LOL You are a bright spot in a dark day!

  4. Anvilcloud, you have no idea - or perhaps you do; not for me to judge! - how I long for the days when she couldn't have made such a statement without speculating about how I looked naked with a knife-stuck apple! Ho hum. Aging has its ups, so they say, but I think we could only call this one of its downs. And imagine, I did this whole comment without one reference to "Good morning! Good morning! . . . "

    Her other, dare I say shrinking, fraction.