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Thursday, 24 November 2011

All Bets are Off

Sometimes when I'm in the bus or the shower, I think about what I'd like to write the next time I post something.  Everything I'd planned on writing about has changed.

  • the gloves, which I was going to describe in all their velvety goodness, and which I had tragically lost even before the first snowfall, were actually at the bottom of my eco-friendly shopping bag
  • the person who battered me with her Christmas gifts on the bus, smiled sweetly, told me all about her shopping experience and offered me something candylike from a tin
  • the photos I took of the front yard in the snow turned out to be depressing, not beautiful, cluttered as they were by park-building machinery
  • the perfect set-up of lunch at my favourite bar the other day:  sparkling silver, snowy napkin, simmering soup, olive foccacia bread and white wine, didn't last because I slammed into the table while swooping to catch my e-reader before it landed on the lovely tiled floor
So I guess I won't write today.


  1. Even when you 'don't write' it's hysterical!! :)
    Always fun to come visit your blog!!
    Sending hugs ~

  2. Well, shoot. But I trust you caught the reader before it hit the ground. I know today isn't a Canadian holiday, but we celebrated last night and I had breakfast for my daughter and her family this a.m. Nice, relaxing day.

  3. I hope you caught that eReader. I have read m first book on the Playbook.