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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A conundrum wrapped in an enigma

One of us has gone mad.  It's either the Dell laptop or me.

I have used the Google calendar since Google offered it, and the calendar on Outlook before that, and always considered myself pretty clever for having discovered the efficiency of electronic calendars and reminders.

Before them, I used a PDA, and before that, a Daytimer.  Was there a time before that?  I don't know but I do know that I always used to be able to keep my appointments in order.

Of course, if the one who's gone mad is me, that last statement may not be true at all, and maybe I was always late or absent.  Or early.

Not too long ago, I went to an event only to find that I was there a week too soon, and I hate to appear eager; last night, I would have been alone at a dinner-with-friends if I'd slavishly followed the reminder Google sent me about a dinner that, it turns out, is tonight.  Dell or me?

I learned to touch-type in school, against my wishes and inclination, but once I was into key-boarding, I was glad of it and could just open the sluices and write paragraphs at a time in the knowledge that my fingers would do what my eyes needn't do.  Now my fingers do some quirky things, which I think is appropriate for fingers of that age, but my Dell laptop actually stops producing in straight lines and goes back to some earlier place in my narrative and inserts new stuff in stuff I thought I was finished with.  Me or Dell?

Actually, it doesn't matter.  It's just one more thing to be cranky about.


  1. You may be brushing the touchpad and causing the cursor to move. That's the case on my Toshiba laptop. Drives me crazy. I usually turn the touchpad off when I'm straight typing. I can't control the sensitivity of mine, but maybe you can on your Dell.

  2. Fartin' right. It's probably Dell though, and not you. Damn computers.

  3. I use Google calendar for work, but still carry around my black book. I definitely think it's the Dell, not you, Lorna.