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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How I plan to save money for the holidays

I once bought a lime green linen suit to wear to a job interview---for a job I really wanted.  My wedding dress was a gorgeous rosy red.  I wear orange and purple together.

So you can imagine the distress I feel when I go browsing my favourite stores and find every shade of grey dominating the racks.  Even I, known for my gypsyish leanings, own a few pieces of clothing in grey, brown and even taupe, a couple of white shirts and the de rigeur black basics.  

But really, even though Charlize Theron wears head to toe gold lamé for her Dior commercials, there isn't much out there where I shop that makes me want to get giddy in the change room.  Not that that is a bad thing---I've made some spectacular decisions in change rooms at both extremes of fashion acceptance, but I can barely be tempted these days.  What is the world coming to?


  1. Seeing that pic -- don't change a thing.

  2. You know, don't you, that some man somewhere chooses the "in" colours for each season, and then everything gets made in related tones and hues?

    Like you, I find very little I like in colour or pattern in retail stores. Shopping has become a real pain in the ass because I am simply not even interested in trying on a lot of the crap on the racks.