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Friday, 16 December 2011

Really, I had the best of intentions

Just this evening, I poured myself a very small orange juice, and suddenly got a picture of myself, pregnant with Emily, concerned about my and her nutrition, drinking whopping glasses of orange juice.  With each swallow, I would pop in a handful of semisweet chocolate chips.

When Sarah was a cranky baby, which she seldom was, I sometimes wet her soother and dipped it in white sugar.

Chris hated drinking milk.  In collusion with a doctor at the clinic I used, I let him drink Tang all the time.  It was as unhealthy as it looked.

My dear children, please believe that I did these things in the absence of knowing better, not to ruin your lives.  And I never do anything like that with your kids.  Really.


  1. We were also Tang drinkers back in the early to mid-70s.

  2. no reflection on yr. motherhood however.

  3. Ah yes ... I grew up eschewing brown bread and real cheddar in favour of storebought white bread and cheeze whiz. And Tang. And canned everything: mushrooms, spaghetti, etc. And that lemon-flavoured stuff you'd put on your toast ... I see that stuff is still on the store shelves!