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Saturday, 14 January 2012

How Robyn Rules

Robyn, our youngest granddaughter will be 2 next week, and things are starting to change a bit.  She's a go-ahead kid, walked early, talked early, chatters all the time and has quite a rich fantasy life.  She talks and reads books to her "babies" and is quite independent.

Just how independent was demonstrated for us this morning.  The night before, her sleepover night, we'd pulled out our table from in front of the window, opened up the leaves and put a tablecloth on because we had company and couldn't sit at the counter for dinner.  On a whim, because we'd been talking about how she was just no longer a baby, Emily let her sit on a big chair at the table.  Like a big girl.

This morning, she got in bed with me and Dave and her baby and started chatting.  then she stopped chatting.  Apparently her baby was hungry, and as she told us, she'd be right back.  I kind of dozed until I heard a thump in the living room, and after that, I kind of ran.  The thump I'd heard was a drawer falling out of the chest where we keep our napkins and tablecloths; the stuff I hadn't heard was Robyn moving the chairs, opening up the tablecloth and jumping up trying to spread it over the table.

It was so adorable, and so scary all at once.

Once home, Emily and Morgan took another step along the she's not a baby anymore road by taking the sides down off her crib, putting a guard rail up and giving her a big girl bed.  They put her to bed, heard nothing but singing noises and finally, when the silence came, went in to see that she had been at her table drawing by nightlight and was now in the process of silently changing into her cat costume.  But she was doing it in bed.  



  1. Such a big girl now! This weekend certainly was a milestone and a half :)

  2. She’s adorable, Lorna. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. JJ will be three next month, and he is still in his crib so everyone else in the house can rest easy when he is put to bed. He has a passion for climbing, and already has a chipped front tooth from his adventures. Who knows what he could get up to while the rest of the house is sleeping. I shudder to even imagine it. Search "flour mess" on YouTube and you will see why I shudder. I don't know how that mother would even begin to clean up that mess.

  4. Wow, Lorna! She sounds very advanced!! And a lot of fun, to boot!
    I do believe she'll keep you guys entertained for many, many years. :)
    She's lovely!!

  5. Cats explore at night, right? What a sweet pea! But you already know that.

  6. She sounds absolutely adorable! How can you not love to hear about the escapades of such a charming little girl?

  7. I think Robyn takes after you, Lorna, and look how good you turned out!