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Monday, 23 January 2012

Please don't read this blog---it's just for Dell

 seem to be inflicted with the probworried that b  eautiful B Monday morning.

Thought I'd give my laptop one more chance, but it didn't get off to a good start.  I'm w Luddite might have.  ems alorried tht because the Dell guy is calling tomorrow my XPS M1330 will heal itself, leaving me and Dave looking like crabby elderly Luddites.
oard.  Lnicide!ooking at the screen today makes me want to commit some sort of electro
I've never wanted to be a Luddite, and I think that excuses me right there, but I

Part of what makes this frustrating is that I learned to use the QWERTY keyboard when I was just a lass, and one of the prime requirements was that you not look at the keyb

I'm hoping that Dell finds this a compelling proof of this laptop's evil intent.


  1. I'm thinking that for you tomorrow can't come soon enough. :)

  2. I trust that Dell will come thru for you.

  3. Vent away!!!! I hope Dell helps!!!!!

  4. Dell seems to have a problem. Since they are in Texas , but not Houston, I guess we can't say "Houston, we got a problem."

    Laptops have ruined what little QWERTY typing skills I had, partly age, partly arthritis, partly short finger,s and mostly the many extra keys, like all tht "F" keys, the numeric pad, all the stuff that takes your hands off the "home" keys!

    Will be watching for the "solution of the problem."