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Thursday, 16 February 2012

L and D go to SoCal and notSoCal...end of day 2

Arrived at LA in the dark, met my friend, had profound discussions, left early the next morning for San Francisco.

That is the skeleton of our two days so far,  Here is some of the meat:

  • got a really helpful taxi driver to take us to the airport; he helped with our bags; he got a big tip
  • was able to watch the awesome and mystical Canadian Rockies from thousands of feet above and felt I had already got my money's worth out of the trip
  • helped Dave take everything out of all our luggage because after we got our rental car, we couldn't find our GPS---found the GPS in a flowered shopping bag Dave had chosen to put all our car things in, which was, ironically, sitting in the car
  • had a meal at IHOP
  • went to our friend's house and found that we could throw stones from her wonderful courtyard townhouse, if we wanted, and they would land on Redondo Beach
  • left LA before 7 a.m. to drive up to San Francisco; encountered a scene of such beauty leaving the city that it brought tears to my eyes, and a soon-to-be useless search to my luggage for my camera
  • tried taking video, but either hemmed and hawed or giggled my way throughout the wobbly handheld video of the suicidal cows
  • met up with our friend in San Francisco, got friendly with the four dogs who are the first of ten she'll be taking in this weekend, spent far too little time in Whole Foods, had an amazing tour of Oakland and points west, culminating in a view of Oakland and San Francisco that I actually thought was an attempt to drive us all off a cliff
  • Oh, and we talked politics  


  1. How lovely and enigmatic. Please continue to have a lovely time!

  2. Yaaay. You made it, by 4 I assume? It did rain some here today, but lightly. Looking forward to your return. Have a great time and hugs for France.

  3. Oh, I just loved SanFran last summer! And Carmel, and the Pebble Beach scenery. I really wish we could go back and rent a car this time. Continue to have a great time, dears. Evelyn

  4. Love the details you chose to share!