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Monday, 27 February 2012

What Kind of Day Was It?

Well, they were but miles from me---the glamorous, the gifted, the beautiful, the tremulous, the eco-friendly-dressed and the soon to be disappointed-but-valiant.

Dave, my sister Kathy, her partner Bob and I were sitting in a bar after having braved multiple freeways to get to  the Universal City Sheraton where my sister was staying.  The TVs were too far away from us for the Oscars to grab our attention when suddenly, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz jumped into my vision.  Well, actually, they sashayed.

I always watch Cameron Diaz because she looks so much like Sarah.  Of course, she doesn't know that, but she looked splendid nonetheless so I jumped up and stood in front of a bar TV so I could catch her and J-Lo (as some call her).  A nice woman from the bar staff came over and asked if we'd like to watch the Oscars on a special hidden screen in another part of the bar, which of course, we did.  They moved all our stuff over to a fine little corner with a huge couch and a couple of high-back chairs, and the screen rose out of a credenza before our eyes.

It was decent watching even though I had trouble with the sound because a TV in the next little nook was a volume millisecond ahead of us, and another a millisecond behind.  I don't seem to be able to unscramble sound anymore, but the goings-on were fairly comprehensible just the same.

It was sort of thrilling to think that Glenn Close and Meryl Streep were probably knocking back Chardonnay just down the road, but I understand that's just another day in LA.  


  1. Good sighting. Two gorgeous women. I also have trouble unscrambling, and I don't know if it stems from aging or the fact that I may get a deteriorated quality thru my hearing aids. The volume seems right, but i miss a lot of stuff. Keep enjoying and reporting.

  2. How fun!!!! I'm glad you're enjoying your trip!!!

  3. I meant to ask you last night if you noticed that J Lo's nipple was showing? It's all over the news today. Did you get to San Diego OK?

  4. how cool!! wish i was there!

  5. knocking back chardonay with Lorna