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Monday, 21 May 2012

The Point

OK, what is the point at which society declares, "Woman, you are officially batty.  Stay in your room and keep quiet!"?

Sadly, I think I reached it this morning in the shower, when I discovered that I was shaving under my arms with the plastic protector still on the razor.  When a similar thing happened with my toothbrush a while back, I wrote it off, thinking that the toothbrush plastic was teeny and invisible.  The razor plastic is about 2 inches wide and pink.  And to make matters worse, I realized this was happening for the second time, which clearly explained why I thought my underarm hair was getting way too healthy.

I'll be the quiet one with the e-reader in the back bedroom.


  1. Not to worry just as long as you discovered it. And when you aren't able to discover it, you'll be beyond worrying although others will do it in your behalf.

  2. Somehow, that isn't as reassuring as it first seemed.

  3. I've done that, Lorna. It isn't senility. It's just poor eye sight without glasses, don't you think?

  4. Best stop smoking that high-test stuff, Lorna.