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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Not entirely successful, but more than OK

So today was the first time I drove the Miata by myself.  When we were thinking of buying it, Dave and I each did a test drive, but with the other person in the passenger seat.

not my  our car, but a blue one like it
I was kind of pleased with myself, and zipped around a bit, stopped to buy some fruit and realized when I got out of the car that I couldn't remember how to put the top up. (you have to put the car in neutral, and activate the system that makes the hardtop float gracefully out of its place in the back of the car somewhere and slide into place so that you can pull a lever to make sure it stays there).  I decided I'd go into the store anyway, and spent a very tense few minutes selecting and deselecting things, only to grab some stuff, hurry through the cash and present myself, somewhat breathless, back at the car.

The car was fine.

I drove around, making sure to get up on the throughway just to get that over with, then found my way back to our favourite road, the River Parkway and home.

"Hah", I said, "piece of cake!"  I didn't actually say it out loud though because I realized that my backteeth were actually grinding against each other by the time I got out of the car, which is an impediment to speech.

I wish I could say that I miraculously remembered how to put the top up, but that just didn't happen.  I tried a few things, left it spiffily still-converted, and emailed Emily, who had the answer.  I'd been trying to get the top up by pressing on the top-down button, and I hadn't remembered about being in neutral.  Apart from that, I was doing fine.  By the way, I feel totally absolved about the buttons because, foolishly, Mazda put pictures above the button that show you how to achieve what you want and I thought the pictures said, "press this button and this action will happen", so of course, I got it backwards.

Anyway, I just know that the Miata and I will be great friends after I've put in some time driving.  Check in again around this time next year.


  1. Well, aren't you fancy; with your new ride.

    Sadly my budget means, I'm still riding public transportation :(

    If I ever visit, I think we'll avoid the Miata. Given are knack for getting ourselves into trouble!!

  2. That is really a snazzy rig in my old age lingo.

  3. Wow, I'm impressed. I've always adored Miata's. Why don't you and Dave take a road trip to Redondo Beach while the weather is still good?