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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Mighty Have Fallen

When did my life start getting so ungenteel that I would:

  • only eat nectarines and peaches while leaning over the sink?
  • put a plate down on a coffee table that is so low that I have to sit on the floor to scarf my macaroni while perusing a photo of Prince Harry in Vegas?
  • paint my toenails a colour called Fruiti Petutie?
  • buy, and love, fake Crocs?
  • sneak home a copy of "Entertainment Weekly" because there's an article on The Walking Dead?
  • pretend I was coughing when I heard someone say, "That's rad!" on the bus
  • try to persuade my granddaughter I was watching a medical documentary, not True Blood?


  1. Funny, funny friend. You made me smile.

  2. I'm into fake crocs too, the cheaper the better. I haven't begun painting my toenails, however.

  3. Just made the mistake of clicking on the link with capital letters in your "My blogs" area of your profile, and got a kitchen design site! The nerve of 'em!

  4. Sounds to me like the mighty have fallen . . . on good times.