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Thursday, 27 September 2012

An absolutely unattainable wish

Until I was three, I lived with my mom, my 7 year-old uncle and my grandmother and grandfather.  I've seen pictures of us in England, but can't remember even a second of that time.

Now, when I see my grandchildren, and realize how much it means to me that I can see them as often as I do, I get this connection with the grandparents I can't remember and hope that I was as sweet to them as our four are to us.  I want a do-over.


  1. Right on, Lorna. After my first child was born and I sat loving the dickens out of him, it occurred to me -- quel surprise! -- that my own parents must once have felt just this way about ME! It was quite the eye-opener. Suddenly I realized how cherished I had been, and probably still was. So now there you are, perhaps getting a taste of the way your grandparents felt about YOU. And how you very likely treated them.

  2. My grandmother was my favorite person on earth! She passed away in 1969 and I miss her to this day.
    I have a portrait I painted of her, so I see her face daily. I try to be the same kind of grandmother to my grandbrats, as she was to me... hoping they'll love me just as much. ( Which seems to be working. Yay! :)
    Great blog, my friend!

  3. Yes, when people keep telling me, "They'll remember this," I often wonder. On the plus side, we have more pictures now, which may serve to prompt and retain memories.