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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Quest for Glory

Tonight, or this morning, depending on your point of view, I am in awe of the amazing pear.

I should have realized that I was a bit pear-crazy back when I noticed that I had 6 pears---two onyx, two wooden and 2 sequinned, on tables in the living area, even though I had given my daughter Sarah a whole basket full of wooden, paper, metal, sequinned and cotton pears just a year or so ago.  That was done partly from a spirit of downsizing, and partly, I think, from a sense that Sarah's daughter Emma and I were equally pear-stricken.

Where did this come from?  I never even saw a pear tree until I was in my 40s, and pears were not our fruit of choice in my childhood home.  No one I knew had a pear fixation.  I don't remember ever having spoken a word about pears until one of my friends served pears and brie for dessert.  I think I tried to spread the brie on the fruit---it wasn't a success.

But tonight, or this morning, depending on your point of view, I chose a Bartlett pear from the fruit bowl, calmly washed and de-stemmed it, sat at the counter with a very small square of dark chocolate and proceeded to slurp pear juice all over the various surfaces in my reach.

 It was glorious.


  1. A lot of things have gone pear-shaped in my life.

  2. Could it be the similarity to the shape of women's bodies? Not the 21st century version but the roundness also seen in ancient ceramic vessels. Your musings led me to consider a couple of pears in my space--one in alabaster from the mid 20thc., another in watercolor, right now a real one from a neighbor (came wrapped in golden paper). Thanks for the trip!

  3. i would have like to see that. :D