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Monday, 8 April 2013

The time we built the fort and moved in everything Mina owns

 Julia and Emma have always loved to turn our living room into a fort, or a tent, or a pet hospital, and this time, we decided to make the biggest, best fort ever.
The part you see here is the entrance/patio, and you'll notice the embellishments which have been culled from different places in the room.
Second patio---we were big landowners

The games room behind the second patio could also be used as sleeping quarters
Emma was showing me how to get into the fort, but not letting me in because I didn't know the password.  I didn't know it because she wouldn't tell me until I paid her from the pile of common blue coins near the entrance
Buddha was watching over us all, even Dave squished up into the corner.  By this time we had two patios, two  bedrooms and a combination sleep/play room with snacks
An orphan child had been rescued, bundled up and put to sleep in a cushioned basket, with a hand-crocheted quilt on the paisley ground cover

Emma and her sock of many colours scooting down the hallway to the back bedrooms
Emma of the mysterious eyes
From here on, it's us in very close, very comfy, very precarious company
Julia in her sleeping quarters with her iPod hidden

Emma in hers

Me on the paisley floor, Emma of the never-enough-space-too-much-hair equation

Our ten-minute enforced, For-God's-sake-enjoy-this! time

It was a major creative experience, for which I'll always be grateful.  We left it up until the rest of the family arrived, then we had to go eat our dinner in the community room across the hall as there was standing room only everywhere except the bathrooms.  I'm still finding "treasures" in nooks and crannies.


  1. beautiful storytelling - feel like I'm there with you all :)

  2. This is absolutely magical. Ah, grandkids can be so wonderful, It's so quiet here tonight without mine. The girls are getting more and more gorgeous.

  3. Love it! Now I want to build a fort, too!