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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Epicurean adventuring

This afternoon I reached a nadir in my search for gentility in my old age.

I ate a peach.

Well, what made it nadirish is that this wonderful, huge peach was so perfect that I had to eat it leaning over the sink, letting juice run down my chin, over my hand and onto the stainless steel.  If I had been able to eat a peach and take a photo, I would have risked losing your respect just so that you might be inspired to run out, buy an Ontario white-fleshed peach and join me in my lack of all things elegant.  It was glorious!

And to prove that I still have a possibility of redemption, I leave you with this:


  1. I am crazy about peaches and the season is short. Haven't had a knock-my-socks-off one this summer. I'll try the farmer's market this week.

  2. I have been getting nectarines from Costco for the last month and a half. They are huge juicy and no fuzz to irritate my skin.