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Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Proddable Son

Chris came home for a surprise visit on Thursday.  When he arrived, I went out into the hall to greet him and was almost brought to tears by the fact that he wasn't wearing a hat.

Chris is a trucker. For years, he has worn a baseball cap...outside, inside, rain, snow, sun, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, and I have tried not to be annoying about my wish that he'd give it up.  I really have nothing against people wearing hats, although baseball caps aren't my favourite.  Actually, I don't mean a baseball hat, I mean a hat like a baseball cap, with a logo, usually truck-related.  This is a photo of him, with Phoebe, last summer.  It was a very typical picture, down to the socks and cigarette pack.

On that visit I may well have foregone my usual, not-very-subtle suggestion that he needn't wear a hat, but probably not, even though I know that his primary reason for that long-ago choice was because his hair was getting thin on top.  Where was my compassion you say?  I really believed that he would look just fine.

Anyway, his arrival with a bare head was such a surprise, and such a delight, that I'm sure I wasn't subtle in mentioning it, with both my hands on his beard, yelling, "oh my God, you're not wearing a hat!"   He just gave me a "what a silly mummy"look and calmly told me he hasn't worn a hat for a couple of months, and we went in the house---both of us looking bemused.

And, unbelievably, hat or not, no one took any pictures, that day or the next day when we had a roast beef and yorkshire pudding dinner with as many of the family as could be there.  Irony becomes me, though.


  1. As I have written in the past, the baseball cap thing rather bemuses me. I am sure your wishes had something to do with his change in attire. As to the thinning ... well, none of us wish for it, but we can lie with it.

  2. My husband always wears a ball cap with his favorite hockey teams' logo on it. In fact, he has a huge box of them and gets new ones as they come out. It's his "thing."

  3. The hat thing isn't always a hair thing, either. My ex is getting very bald so you never see him without his cap, whether indoors or out; my current has a headful of thick hair and doesn't go out of the house without his cap unless he's not going to work. I don't like wearing hats but do so now to keep the sun off my head and/or out of my eyes when working outside or walking. The minute I'm in the shade, off it comes.

  4. LOL I'm glad you got sometime with him!!!!!