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Saturday, 1 March 2014

In which I plead

I just finished writing a comment on a blog I read and comment on every day almost.  Before my comment could be published, I had to prove I'm not a robot.  This is OK---who wants robots touching their stuff?  However, I would think that in this time of technological excellence, I could be identified and allowed to post after I'd proved myself non-robotic 30 or more times.  Or 50.  Or 365.  And as you know by my Pollyannaness, this is not a derogatory remark to my friend.

She posts every day, posts of beauty, intelligence, insight and occasionally amusing rants.  It's worth writing 66 2087466 many many times to actually interact with her, but please, gods of ether, fix this.


  1. Captchas are weird on little blogs like ours. I can see using them o big sites. So is "waiting for owner approval."

    For crying out loud people it's easy to delete the occasional comment you don't like rather than approving every freaking comment.

  2. There must be a simple way to do this; I think there is a setting that lets you comment immediately once you've had several approved comments. I am sure I've seen this in my dashboard travels sometime.
    Otherwise, I'd rather not have spambots leaving their crap on my webpage, even if it's only till I get around to seeing and deleting it. They are a dastardly curse on the frikken interwebz and are gettin absolutely no space on my blog, not two everlovin seconds of it.

  3. Maybe it's because I use wordpress, but I never have to do this with wordpress. A WP user signing onto blogger though? Oh my gentle Jesus, it's a task and a half to leave a comment, and that includes here! Add to that an iPad with settings that don't seem to save the cookies, and no matter how hard I try, I can never be witty enough in my comments to justify the work!