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Sunday, 29 June 2014

No lurching in line please.

This year, as you probably know, World Pride is in Toronto.  Actually, as I write, it is winding down, and I didn't get to participate at all, except in my heart.

I had a plan.  Since I was in Barrie for Phoebe's graduation, (beautiful photos of her to follow) Dave and I had planned to walk in the Trans Parade on Friday evening.  All the rest of our days and evenings were booked for family things and we were heading for home on Sunday as I had commitments for Sunday evening and Monday.

Naturally, I went to bed after Phoebe's grad feeling a little dizzy, but I thought that might have had to do with the fact that in a group of 750 or so adults, Dave and I and a few stalwarts had to clap for every kid among the 350 graduates whose peers' families were slumping in their chairs waiting for "their own".  We were, all 6 of us, exhausted.

Alas, the dizzy stayed on until Saturday morning and we missed our chance to be a part of something (other than our family things) that was really amazing and meaningful.  Last year, the Trans March was the most meaningful and satisfying event for me at Toronto Pride and I was really looking forward to an even more amazing and meaningful walk this year.  

However, contrary to popular belief, Toronto isn't the only town in Ontario, so I'll still have a chance in Brockville and Peterborough and Montreal and Ottawa.  I'll be the one in the absolutely prideful purple tunic and the handmade rainbow earrings made by my friend Sue.


  1. You can have pride everywhere and anywhere, and I know you do, but Montrealers will eat your little earrings for breakfast if you continue to refer to their city as a "town in Ontario."
    Happy pride.

  2. Lol about the Montrealers!
    I think as long as you have pride in your heart, pride can be wherever you are!
    I'd like a pair of those earrings!

  3. Sorry about your troubles, but your bright outlook is excellent.