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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Not a Facebook status update

A while back, I talked about giving up wine.  I gave up that.

I promised photos of my new Lelli Kelly runners.  I have pics on my phone but I can't send them to myself.  therefore I cannot post them. 

I actually finished working on the counter stools I was painting, but can only post one picture, which I sent to Emily, and she sent back, a foolish move which I am not going to use again.  Especially because I can't actually find it.

I just spent the better part of an hour looking at 3306 photos stored on Google + that I thought were gone out of my life.  None of them were the ones I was looking for.

I declare myself the least photo-posting blogger in all of the cyberworld, but there's always consolation in a nice glass of wine.


  1. It's odd, but I try to store all of my photos in some sort of semi organized system. But whenever we try to find a specific one, it is invariably MIA.

  2. Will the circle, be unbroken . . .
    Your loving other fraction.