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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Does the end justify the means?

Today was a completely "me" day, and unfortunately I did nothing edifying.

I had thought I'd read, but both my e-reader and my tablet were begging for juice, so I hooked them up and decided to crochet.  My crocheting skills have deteriorated since I became a golden ager, but I still find ways to embarass my friends and family with crocheted gifts, so I pulled out my stuff and prepared to sit in my pyjamas and crochet for the rest of the day.

I did something I haven't done since I was in my teens and put on a CD and fixed it to repeat, and it's been going all afternoon.  When I was a kid, I listened to Harry Belafonte and Miles Davis a lot, but today I chose The Civil Wars Barton Hollow and I felt just as enamoured of it as I was the first time I ever heard it.  

I have an interesting history with The Civil Wars, of which they know nothing and which involves Adele and Jian Giamechi, who also, thankfully, are unaware.  One day, Dave and I were listening to Q and Jian was interviewing Adele, who was incredibly charming as a speaker and could sing pretty well too.  So well in fact, that Dave and I determined we must go to her Montreal concert and I then spent 3 hours trying to get tickets at a reasonable price, ending with a weak scream and "Why don't we just buy two of these $300.00 tickets?"  Surprisingly, but wonderfully, Dave agreed, we bought our tickets, got them in the mail the next day, and in spite of the fact that they said $32.00 as the price on the front, felt grateful and excited.

Come the concert day, and I'd been sick for a few days already and just couldn't imagine going, Dave and Emily went together.  They came back raving, raving, about the opening act, and very happy to have seen what's her name, and generous and kind people that they are, they brought home the Civil Wars CD, of which I became enamoured, or did I already say that?  I joined their Facebook page, I followed their web page, and was justified (and thrilled to bits)  when they won an Emmy.

About 6 months later, The Civil Wars announced their tour and because I followed their webpage, I was able to get tickets for me and Emily for their real price.  We went early, sat in the grass outside the building until the doors opened and were about 15th and 16th in for a concert that was totally non-assigned seats.  We sat so close, we (probably mostly me) flirted madly with both of them and made eye contact, which was stunning, and came home, very pleased.  Like most of the (under-20) Civil Wars followers, I was sad, curious and unbelieving when they broke up.  How could people who wrote such beautiful music together, then sang it heartbreakingly perfectly, not continue to perform?  Were they actually in love with each other, as their music seemed to lead us to believe, and had their wife/husband insisted they desist their amazing partnership?

It's one of those things like Did Elvis really die? that I look forward to hearing the truth about when I get to heaven, or when someone throws me that big book of incredible doings in my lifetime. 

As I was writing this post, Dave came in and did something that allowed him to print documents and did not allow me to hear music.  It was mysterious and annoying but a good reason to look hard-done-by until Dave offered to make dinner. 


  1. Sonny And Cher continued to sing their 'I Got You Babe' even after their split.

  2. Did you get their second album? It's good but it's no Barton Hollow. I LOVE that album! I first heard them introduce Taylor Swift at the Grammys and they did a little harmony and I downloaded them instantly.

    1. I did get their second album---I especially love the french song. They've done some really good covers of Michael Jackson songs as well. Nothing like music, and I know you know that!

  3. Now I will have to check out the Civil Wars. I still buy CDs when I go to concerts, in order to support the artists who come to our little towns, but then I don't listen to them because we don't have a good setup for it. It's a shame, when music is what makes the world go round! And makes standing at the kitchen sink a pleasure rather than just a chore.

  4. apart from the artistic licence of leaving out my first reaction at $300 scalped tickets with a $32 price label, I hereby corroborate the whole story, except as well for the part about interrupting her music listening, and then making dinner to compensate. The interruption was totally, I swear totally unintentional - I too love the Civil Wars, especially the first one, the CD, not the war - and making dinner was just one of those things we do for each other, whether we owe an apology or not, which I definitely did not. You know who this is.