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Friday, 26 December 2014

Post-Christmas musing

In some ways this has been a very Dickensian Christmas.  The ghost of Christmas Future showed me what could happen if I don't foresee my intended results better.  My learnings in point form:
  • it's not good enough to make a Christmas Day To Do list in your head, especially if all the good ideas come at 3 a.m.
  • it's not good to plan a dinner with one huge ham and one huge turkey and one medium-sized oven
  • try to stay on Emily's good side, because, when you're failing and panic is starting in, she's the one who'll self-transform into a beautiful but merciless Sgt-Major and turn chaos into managed chaos
  • continue to spoil your children and grandchildren and all their friends, because you can't lift a roasting pan with a turkey in it, you can't make gravy and cranberry sauce at the last minute, and once dinner is over, you're going to fall asleep before you say "goodnight and thank you for everything" to said children, grandchildren and friends. 
  • if this is the most elegant photo anyone takes of you on Christmas day, try staying in bed:


  1. Maybe it's time to have Christmas at their house??

  2. And I thought all those missteps were just so much good timing to entertain the troops. I say carry on. Besides, it's fodder for your blog, n'est-ce pas?

  3. I have some Christmas theories that mostly involve the patriarch and various conspiracies to keep women-folk in the kitchen, but I digress. I'm glad you pulled it off.