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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Idle Hands, Idle Mind

Sometimes when I haven't got something I'm eager to write about---let's face it, I mean sometimes when I can't yank an idea to the forefront, I choose a number (this time it's 43) and open my photos to see which is the 43rd photo, and whether I can blog about it.
To be honest, I really couldn't inflict 43 on anyone, so I moved back one.  This is a photo of Dave and Robyn, taken about three years ago, at the Photo Studio of a pioneer village exhibit.  I didn't go on that visit, but here are some photos of the others who went:
Sarah in yellow

L to R:  Emma, Julia, Emily, Sarah

Patient Emma, Leaning Julia, More Leaning Emily, Saucy Sarah

Angelic Julia, Not-so-angelic Emma

Ho-hum, angelic Julia and one of the Children of the Corn

and an encore.
This exercise was brought to you by the amazing self-help book: 
How to Blog when Your Mind is Blank


  1. Absolute angels, even the old scruffy dude ;-)

  2. Fun post. That first photo is terrific.

  3. Thank you for that. I wish I had my photos numbered, I'd try it!

  4. Children of the corn...bwahahahah!