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Thursday, 23 April 2015

How do I love thee?

How do I know it's spring?  I have myriad boxes in the various haunts of the house and in the locker room that are full of things I haven't worn for 12 months, things I should have known better than to buy, things I had decided definitively that I would keep forever that have lost their lustre.  All to be hauled off to mingle with the leftovers of other people that I might sort through next week.

I also have "hobby" things that I always buy in the spring when I'm feeling capable and handy and in the fall when I'm depressed and think that if I could craft one good thing, my life would be bouleversé.

We have both decadent food left from the holidays and an incredible amount of veggies and hummus which will help us ward off the results of having had too much decadent food to begin with.

I have runners with no laces, but it won't matter.  

I have sunscreen in several versions of SPFness and consistency which we'll start to use in earnest when we get the Miata out this weekend and start vrooming around the countryside. 

There are silver anklets and toe rings and sandals, all waiting for the temperature to be at least 15 degrees, and there are toenails with very smart mauvey polish, just waiting to be scraped through the spring gravel.

We've changed the "welcome thing" that we hang outside the door to celebrate the various seasons and important holidays.  Can you see the birds?

Oh, I love the spring!


  1. The miata already? A sure sign. Just remember that the robins always come home too soon. :)

    1. Do you mean robins come home to roost too soon.? Maybe you meant roast

  2. Too much "stuff" ... sigh. Me too.