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Monday, 4 May 2015

Are these on the Canada Health warning list?

I am appproaching a very insignificant birthday, but seem to be running into way too many signs of serious aging:

  • I tried to take a photo today with my camera; my hands shook so much I had to give it up
  • after Maddy's birthday dinner last night, I was cleaning up and caught myself thinking that this was the last birthday dinner we'd host.  It took me about 15 seconds to recant, but I had the thought.
  • No matter when I go to bed, I sleep until 9:30, which is a huge change for me from waking up at 3, doing stuff and going back to bed at 5
  • while talking on the phone to Chris this morning, I complained about someone standing outside, looking at our front window while I was in my nightgown; later I went out to see if you could see into our place from where the person was standing earlier, but forgot that I was in my nightgown
  • I looked at a dress in the market yesterday and told Dave I thought it was too colourful
  • I bought myself a box of Copper Moon Pinot Grigio on Friday and on Saturday, I bought another one (well, that was just taking advantage of the fact that people have noticed my memory is going)
  • I was talking on the phone, ranting, and didn't know the person was gone until he called me back on my cellphone because our landline was busy
  • I forgot the word "leaves" when I was talking to my daughter, and when I started to tell that story to my other daughter, I lost it again
  • I let Emily post a photo of her (beautiful) and me (with no upper lip)


  1. The most serious item is thinking a dress was too colourful. Have yourself checked out, Lorna. :)

  2. Life seems to be neverendingly interesting and changing!