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Thursday, 25 June 2015

And now for something I've been missing

I just spent the better part of an hour watching the CBC documentary on the development of the Alberta Ballet's "Balletlujah".  The music is KD Lang's.

I have always been bouleversée by KD Lang---there isn't a stronger, truer voice, and she has always seemed to me to be so in touch with herself, and so comfortable, without being very "Look at me".

The documentary, which I highly recommend, was beautiful, moving and wholly compelling.  It brought together for me things I'd been or am passionate about and reminded me how much joy dance has brought me over the years.  My own, my daughter's, my grandchildren's, my grandparents's, complete stranger's dance has always delighted me and I must do something to cater more to watching performances.

I'm just going to rise gracefully now and point my toes as I go out to pick up my book---one of the many other passions that keeps me from experiencing dance.



  1. I PVR'd it off the TV last week as well but I haven't watched it. Needless to say, I've been a big k.d. lang fan for many years!

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing it. KD is a *fabulous* singer and an interesting person; my own sister Karen remembers her at competitions where they both sang. Have you seen the film she's in, Manyberries (or somesuch)? Full frontal nude, baby.

      You know I admire Joni Mitchell's genius for phrasing her songs, more than anything. But I was bored at the ballet using her music. Classical ballet doesn't seem to keep my attention.

      In high school I attended a classical ballet for a high school project. By half-time intermission I was bored silly and very seriously considering leaving. I didn't. The second half was Ballet Jazz de Montreal and it was GREAT: I loved every moment.

      I also love the movie about Little Orphan Annie and Daddy Warbucks, because of the dancing.

      Let's go to a dance thing together! Let's meet in the middle! What's halfway between Ottawa and Wadena, and what's playing there?

    2. I'll be in Regina in the last half of October. Is Wadena nearby (by prairie measure?)
      I'll be getting dates set soon. There's got to be dance or theatre or in-house concerts we could hit!

  2. Regina is two hours from here. I will come to the city to see you, for sure! How long will you be there, what will you be doing, and so on? Email me. I'm so excited.