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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Things that are going to make me stay up late.

I'm going away for about 2 weeks and as a result, have already tested my carry-on bag to make sure I could fit in everything I wanted so that we wouldn't have to pay WestJet for checked baggage.  I did very well actually, meaning that my sister with whom I'm staying will have to lend me all kinds of things like make-up remover, housecoat, sturdy shoes and laundry detergent to get me through my stay.

Then, belatedly, I checked to see if my usual carry-on still fit WestJet's requirements.  It does not, and since we have no wheeled baggage of the appropriate size, we've calculated that it would be cheaper over two flights to buy a new bag which does meet the requirements.  Life gets complicated when your husband checks a fully-loaded bag to see if you can easily carry it.

Even more annoying was that I did my nails last night, two coats, a base and a top coat.  Then today, I did all the housework that needs doing so that Dave doesn't have to take on an even larger amount of the shared tasks than he already has.  Like I do the washing and he maintains and cleans the car.  Fair, don't you think?  Not on your nails.  Now mine are so chipped that I'm going to have to entirely do over at least my right hand.  One does not visit one's sister with chipped nails.

Nor does one visit one's sister with a smartphone that won't let you answer it, so right now, I'm taking a tutorial to find out how to manage the "hello" thing with voice instead of fingers.  I'll probably be up till midnight.



  1. Two weeks and all you're taking is a carry-on bag? My gawd, I'm off to Manitoba tomorrow for four days and I'm taking (and checking) a mid-size suitcase, LOL!

    1. Debra and @heartinhand, you would have to know Dave to realize why that isn't possible, even though he is the kindest man in the world. Some things just don't make sense. So I'm wearing my sister's clothes and using her perfume.

  2. I'd pack everything into one big suitcase and check it! That way, you will still have carry on room for any purchases you make while you are on the vacation! Safe travels!

  3. Apply the cucumbers and then go have fun.

  4. Oh my. Sometimes life is so unfair. Dave's "experiment" will save you money in the long run, but I'm one that overpacks myself. Even my dear JetBlue is now charging for baggage. That just leaves Southwest free--but for how long?