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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Seek MORE and....

Challenged to finish the story that wasn't really a story about Iris Apfel of the huge glasses and elegant jewellery,  I went back and looked at captions on some of the photos, and found that the reason Iris's photo was in images reached by a search for empty-headed woman, is that she gave fair warning to someone interviewing her that she was not just an empty-headed fashion designer....

There is a message in there.  Eons ago, I was interviewed by the Ottawa Citizen about a grant program I was working for.  It was a provincial program spilling money out to the community for cultural, sports and multicultural initiatives, and I was one of the consultants making recommendations on proposals from community-based groups.  It was a popular but sometimes rambunctious process and many groups not receiving money were distressed and vocal about it.  I thought I tap-danced my way through that quite well, explaining the criteria and the community benefits and of course, the total transparency of the program and got ready to head home.  "One more question?", from the reporter.  "Sure!"  said I, and rattled off a 7 digit figure in response to " How much money does this area have access to?"

Next day, the community page has a picture of me, looking calm and reserved, very little story content and a huge caption: She's the Six Million Dollar Woman!

It took ages before my colleagues stopped laughing.


  1. Wonderful! You should tell more stories...

  2. This is good. I think I already said that, but then there was a signing in issue, so who knows.

  3. You're so quotable!