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Saturday, 26 September 2015

About laptops, clothing and dogs

Well, I am trying out a Chromebook as my laptop went entirely squirrelly, after months of somewhat squirrelly.   \in  many ways, \i really like it, but you might notice that \i have difficulties finding the"shift" button, and there is no delete feature that \i can locate, and I can<t use the canadian multilingual keyboard \I'm used to. Wah!!

When we were looking at laptops online, I noticed "Chromebook" but knew nothing about them. \More searches and we found the description of the usual Chromebook user, and \i fit it entirely.  So we have 14 days to send this back if \I don\' t live up to their expectations.

I had intended to write about my fashion accidents, which have been hounding me this summer.  Two relatively serious falls, both affecting my knees.  The first, (and it seems I might be writing about them after all) was at my sister's where \i was running around the backyard in sandals which have a funny little lip in the front---very attractive but not appropriate for running up against little strips of wood separating grass from asphalt.  
I seriously flew about 6 feet forward landing next to a Bar-bq on my palms and knees, sliding forever and scaring my niece to death by yelling out a popular but verboten word, about 7 times.  Damage to palms, knees and favourite pants, and of course to my dignity.   

\||||||||||||I lost even more dignity in Kitchener where I was looking very cool and flowy in wide-legged pants, tripped up a curb and fell into a grassy strip surrounding the parking lot of a smallish mall.  Falling was bad enough, but I caused some strange activity in the car ahead of me which I prefer not to dwell on, and worse, discovered that I had fallen on my bag of chips.   That left me giggly and I walked over to the bus, weaving, laughing and slurping potato dust and had a whole 3 seats to myself.

When I told Dave about it, he was quick to remind me that at my age I should be wearing clothing and shoes that would not present a challenge to walking, but I have no intention of changing the way \i dress, so I guess, if you really can't teach an old dog new tricks, I<ll be looking for a new laptop in a few days, and walking carefully with an eye to irregularities in the path.


  1. I agree, don't change the way you dress, just cut off your dresses and pants at the ankles instead of the toes. Your loving other fraction

  2. So you're a beauty(in clothing)-before-functionality gal when it comes to clothing and footwear, hm? Not me. I gotta be warm, and flowy things had best not impede my movement, and they gotta go in both washer and dryer, and that's that for that. Wash n' wear, baby, just like my mop of hair.

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