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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Dave drops me at the door

Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh!!!!! Is there any action more frustrating than going to Costco?   Why, you ask....

A few reasons:

  • even in the middle of the week, the walk from car through giant warehouse and back to car is miles!  and you have to push a giant cart, or try balancing your goods in your left hand so that your right can find your membership card
  • most Costco stores are dangerously close to A & W ( I know I need say nothing more)
  • the speed with which you're carried along once you get accepted as legitimate means that unless you're totally in the moment you zip past the place where you intended to return something and find yourself in the aisle with the giant bags of chocolate.  Today the dark-chocolate covered figs grabbed my attention and I'd eaten 3 before I noticed that each one is 170 calories (on the upside no one looks at you in a chastising way when you hand over the already-opened bag of anything to the cashier)
  • the gargantuan tables where they rest the books are gloriously, colourfully and evilly chock full of things you want for yourself, your spouse and all your family and acquaintances
  • everything that looks delicious or desirable is packaged so that it's too big to fit in your condo (chocolates, books and socks are fine)
  • the speed with which you leave the building after having given in to your vanity or greed too many times means that you don't even see the place where you should be returning something you shouldn't  have taken into the warehouse in the first place.
I should remember what it used to feel like when I wasn't earning enough money to get a Costco membership, and stop being cranky.


  1. I never shop at Costco. My sanity is worth more than whatever money I would save there.

  2. Something tells me I may have the Costco experience when my sister and I are on our way home from Kelowna next month. I know she likes to shop there and won't want to miss an opportunity when we are in the city.

  3. I don't have one near me, but I need to go sometime. Tho not a fan of BJs.