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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Why I'm Not Talking About Niagara Falls or Toronto

I've been on a mini-vacation.

I took my camera and my video-camera but left them in my bag all the time I was gone.

I'm not writing about my mini-vacation until Sarah downloads her camera which has the interesting bits, none of which are me in a bathing suit.  At least they better not be.


  1. Ha HA: Hope she shipped one end

    I just read about your 31st anniversary on the other blog which is not working, but wish to belatedly congratulate you both on 31 years, which appear to have packed a lot of living in to it. Sorry I did not get my comment in before it went on the blink. It still will not take a comment.

  2. I'm back reading, girlfriend. I look forward to pictures about your mini vacation. As for bathing suits, I wouldn't be caught dead in one.