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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A bit listless

I could never be accused of being list-less, but I'm coming close.
Here's a list of things I've been doing lately instead of writing or reading posts:

  • reading prodigious amounts of written-for-adolescents fiction---great stuff
  • holding lovely and precious sleepovers for both Emma and Julia---which, as usual means visits to the chinese stores in the Byward Market which means exotic pyjamas, parasols, fans, buddhas and lions for all
  • spending a couple of days in bed with vague discomfort in every limb, muscle and whatever else there is in this body---Dave wasn't  home and I had to get my own chicken soup, so I cheated and got hot chocolate instead
  • crocheting, ripping out, crocheting, ripping out, crocheting a soft throw for Emma in rainbow colours
  • walking in the Capital Pride Parade on one of the hottest days of the year, but being too far from the Pride Firetruck to get the benefit of the occasional dousings others profited from
  • family, family, family, she said with more delight than not
  • going to the 42nd wedding anniversary of people I introduced to each other, who seem to think I've been successful at matchmaking
  • getting a cycyling lesson from Emily down in the parking garage---it was both scary and giggle-making---I haven't been back on my bike since my second knee-ruiner last year.
  • mismanaging my volunteer work; I volunteer for PFLAG Canada and they entrusted me with 3 kinds of task: committee work, which I've been great at; board work, which I'm competent at, and liaison work with the various chapters in my region, at which I've failed miserably.  I also seem to have taken on a ditzy streak: losing mail, phone numbers, track of time, missing planned teleconferences.  Yikes!
  • wasting 2 two-hour boring and mindless sessions building my blogroll which you may notice only has 5 of the 40 or so names I thought I'd added
  • eating Ontario peaches and pears in great and wonderfully tasty numbers(it's annoying though:  you can buy Ontario fruit in containers, but if you want to buy two or three pieces, and you're not at a Farmers' Market, you get product of USA...why?)
  • fighting not to turn on the TV at noon when Da Vinci's Inquest is running---such a gritty Canadian show---but I don't want to get caught up in daytime tv
  • not drinking wine because I'm taking an antibiotic (insert sad face)
  • doing research so I can convince Dave we need new's going to  be so hard because we really don't.  The ones we have used to be black and shiny and now they're blackish and dull but they still hold food.  I want to go back to glass dishes like we used to have before we moved out of our house and I'd rather do it by not having to make the shelves fall out of the cupboards with all those pitted black dishes on them
  • eating zucchini bread made by Dave from Sarah and Bruce's zucchini...eating it warm with butter
  • giving myself manicures which barely last over night, then spending hours checking out the various places I could walk to and have the process done for a mere $55
  • giving up, then going back to, coffee
  • walking, walking, walking with no visible reward...I'm going to see if there's a Nordic Walking Club here---maybe Dave and I could go
  • being defeated day after day by a fly who only comes out of wherever his lair is when I'm alone in the house...Dave usually catches them in a glass and puts them outside...I broke a glass trying that yesterday
  • reading mail that the couple who bought our house 4 years ago have been saving for us---there was only one cheque in the bagful
  • cutting my own hair
  • trying to persuade Emily to cut hers...I'm not really trying to make her do something, just to think of the various possibilities and in case we have to get into misery-loves-company mode
  • giving myself a weekend free (well, almost free) of e-mail, blogging and facebooking...and discovering that it made me a bit jumpy
There!  what is the opposite of listless?  listmore? listfull? I'm it.


  1. The length of the list hints to me that your listlessness would be me being energetic.

  2. hey i'm not on that list. friend list. :D
    maybe spring would be better? or late fall. :D

  3. Sure doesn't sound like you are listless to me. Hope you are feeling better.