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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Strange Things I Am

Saturday morning at 3:17 a.m.
  • I am at the kitchen counter in the dark, as Emily and Robyn are sleeping about 6 feet away.  Actually, since I am on the other side of the counter from the kitchen, I should call it the office counter.
  • I am drinking ginger ale and have removed all my bracelets so I can use the keyboard without undue clanking. 
  • I am in shock because I can't hear myself even though I'm moving.
  • I am wondering why ginger ale seemed such a good idea 10 minutes ago.
  • I have finished the books in The Hunger Games series, and am still reluctant not to be in that world, as bleak as it was.
  • I am wondering why I feel I have to explain why I'm reading copious amounts of books from the Adolescent section of my various bookstores. (Some of today's best writing and best stories are being written for the 12 to 18 range, which is great for them, but a shame for the rest of us, and I feel silly having to put my reading material in plain brown wrappers).
  • I am contemplating giving up crochet forever versus giving in to the fact that my hands do shake a bit, and that speed is not necessarily  a virtue in the making of an afghan that a sweet girl especially asked for.
  • I am re-evaluating the wisdom of my long-held practice of getting up if I find myself awake for more than half an hour during the night.
  • I am wondering why my hair and my nails grow so fast, when I appear to be shrinking.  I am also wondering where that errant thought came from.
  • I am thinking it's been too long since the last time the Cunningham brothers and sisters got together, but realistically accepting that people who live thousands of miles from each other might encounter that feeling from time to time.
  • I am resisting the urge to go and get all my photo albums out so that I can see how cute we were as kids.
  • I am wondering how long I should wait before I declare it "morning" and make myself a coffee.
  • I am hoping that photo up there made you smile---it's captioned, for reasons I now forget, but which seem reasonable, Sadness on a stick.


  1. Take the wrapper off!! You don't have to be ashamed about what your reading. At least your reading, how many people can say that they are doing that? Most are too busy wasting their time watching crappy reality shows. Instead of living their own lives!!!

    P.S. Delcare it's morning already!! You know my philosophy on coffee :D

  2. Having awaken at 3 on the previous night, last night I was wondering if I'd get to sleep before 3. I guess I did, but it was touch and go for awhile.

  3. I use a sleep-aid to sleep thru the night nearly every night (certainly this entire week, so far). If I get up at 2or3 am - I do read and read until daylight as well but hat's bad for me if it is during one of my 3 working days. Take care of yourself, my dear, and see you soon? XO, Evelyn

  4. You actually look pretty cute, three a.m. or not!

  5. It did make me smile. I do NOT get up early unless I'm catching a plane.

  6. I love your listy rambling posts.