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Thursday, 30 September 2010

I adopt a new mantra

30 days hath September.....
so where the hell have they gone?

I can easily account for all the months leading up to September:

January:  Emily and Morgan were the proud parents of Robyn.  The birth is a warm and deeply emotional family occasion.

February: We had beautiful handmade sparkly Valentines from the kids all over the front of the fridge; everyone noticed that Robyn looks so much like Morgan that it's giggle-making; Emily had a significant birthday

March:  We got locked in to our flight dates for our trip to France; got pretty scared about that; Sarah, Bruce and the Roses went to Disney World; Chris moved to Barrie

April:  Sarah had a significant birthday; we packed for France; i painted my toe nails silver

May:  France, Jersey, England, Wales, France again---heaven!

June:  I had an insignificant birthday; we bored everyone we knew with photos and stories of our holiday; I bought books and books and a bathing suit; Emily and I went to the Fringe Festival

July:  Dave had an insignificant birthday; so did Canada, although the fireworks were good; we went to a great family wedding, saw our Phoebe and Chris for a bit and I actually wore the bathing suit

August:  BarBQs, mini-vacation, incredible heat; I made inroads on my pile of books; made no inroads on my pile of fat; bathing suit visited Sue and Dennis's saltwater pool

Then suddenly, the black gap in my brain that was September....briefly lit by the joy of Julia's family birthday dinner when she turned 8.

October:  bring it on!



  1. Perhaps it all went black while you were blocking out Robyn trip to the ER?

  2. OMG, Emily----how could I not have had that foremost in my brain? You're right. I'm claiming a blackout.

  3. Too much rain. Washes memories away.

  4. you're right, sept. was a complete blur.