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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

It's coming up...

Lorna's Land of Wonder seems like a lonely place tonight.  It is bereft of creative ideas and conglomerous lists and mindless rants.  It is a blah stretch of vanilla road leading to nowhere.

I think the vapidity of The Land has something to do with Autumn.  Many people choose Autumn as their favourite season, which is understandable if you like crisp, bracing weather and heartbreakingly beautiful maple-tree-related vistas or if you dream in terms of turkey.  I, on the other hand, spend much of the Summer season dreading Autumn and all of the Winter season berating myself for being so sucky as to moan about the relatively bearable downside of Autumn.

Nonetheless, I have been known to overturn, if only momentarily, my ingrained dislike of Autumn.  Once, I saw a movie I liked in October.  Another time, late in September, I tried caramel mocha fudge ice cream and found it tolerable.  On yet another occasion, the sight of my grandchildren in their adorable, yet sturdy, Hallowe'en costumes almost made me grin.

Oh, beware the ides of October!


  1. I love autumn, plain and simple. I could live in this season or this temperature all year round... no wonder I love Victoria so much.

  2. Autumn here is reduced to September and October, and we are not exactly experiencing a September to cherish.

  3. oh kindred spirit. i hate fall as well!! hate too strong a term, cause winter is worse but then i just "hibernate". fall is just too… depressing, the beginning of the end. dramatically stated by doom & gloom.

  4. We have had week after week of wonderful weather. Twice I have had to scrape the frost off the windshield in the morning, only to be down to my shirtsleaves by 9:30 A.M.. That's Calgary, they keep telling me.