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Thursday, 23 September 2010


I have a tremendous and shameful secret.  At least twice a month I buy beads, chains, jewellery findings and myriad shiny things which I put in a box which I otherwise haven't touched in two years.  Around the time I noticed that I was uncrocheting more work than I was crocheting, I realized that I was also not too handy with the various tools I had acquired  for making earrings, necklaces and bracelets which I didn't need.

One would think that this was the perfect solution:  unable to make jewellery? Whee!!! therefore, unobliged to buy jewellery-making supplies.  I missed that one by a country mile.

I'm really good at reading (and buying books).  I make interesting experiments with make-up (that I buy so that I can pile up Shoppers Drug Mart points).  I drink wine very well (even though I'm compelled, by reason of being the only person in my home to drink wine, to buy it in a box).

All of these things require the outlay of money which today I used to buy blue Swarovski crystals, 4 feet of chain, a white-metal elephant-and-baby pendant, two 3-inch wide silver=plated dragonflies, a black chiffon ribbon suitable for hanging pendants from, a turquoise pendant, a silver starfish pendant and a string of intriguing glass beads.

Will I go on reading, learning new eyeshadow techniques and drinking wine?  Yes.  Will I make bracelets and necklaces?  Not so much probably.

Will I feel guilty while simultaneously continuing to be irresponsible, craven and consumer-driven?  No doubt. And I'll do it with fine dark chocolate, and maybe some really good licorice allsorts.  I may be craven, but I'm consistent.


  1. Attracted by bright, shiny objects, eh? I guess we all have things that turn our cranks, but we seldom get around to doing anything much with them.

  2. I can help you assemble your creations if you'd like. xox

  3. There is a Purdy's chocolate store at the Chinook Mall. Everytime I go to buy a gift for Nate or long underwear or shoe laces or just cut through the mall on the way to Home Depot, I buy something from Purdy's. They have dark chocolate covered raspberry delight and hedgehogs made with gooey guts and chocolate pumpkins on a stick and three for five dollar mint, orange or coffee bars. I have never even made it to the back of the store, where I suspect they keep the really good stuff.