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Friday, 29 October 2010

Curmudgeonly thoughts about the near and dreaded future

This is not a blog about Hallowe’en.

I do not like Hallowe’en.

I do not like it so much that I refuse to update the spelling of Hallowe’en.

Of all the holidays, Hallowe’en is my least favourite, although it runs a close and crusty second to St Patrick’s Day.

If I could do anything other than celebrate Hallowe’en, it would be to get in bed with the covers over my head, which I was doing until I felt compelled to not write about Hallowe’en.

Having said that, I just happen to have the cutest Hallowe'en photos.  Click on Emma.
So, sue me.
2010-10-29 School Hallowe'en


  1. How or why do you hate Halloween?? Traumatic pumpkin incident, your secretly a dentist in disguise!!

  2. OK, she's adorable, but now you have to go look at my Fritz.

  3. I just saw the other photos--all adorable--Robyn. Oh, I want to just hold and hug her.

  4. Ah, I know, you don't like sweets and treats. But somehow, I think you'd love bobbing for apples. Ah yes, I can picture it now. In fact, it's made my morning.

  5. aww, what a cutie! Will you still be giving out candy? I just love the candy!