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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Beauty has a cost

Yesterday, I had what I think was a first: a pedicure.  I've had a manicure before, and almost always thought what a useless luxury it had been.  Yesterday, whether it's because of my age or because my tolerance levels have drastically increased, I actually think that the manicure was worth it, and I know that the pedicure was more than worth what it cost Emily, who was the giver of the joy.

Because I am and always will be a shoe-lover and am and always was vain, I always chose my shoes for their beauty, never for their ability to make me feel good or for their actually conforming to the size of my feet.  As a result, and with my prior knowledge and acceptance, my feet are objects of horror.  Throw in the fact that this apartment is drier than most of Arizona and you'll know why a pedicure could have been such a delightful experience for me.  Unless you count the shame.

I must compliment the woman who undertook the process with such equanimity.  Nary a flinch, always a calm demeanor and a firm hand with the scary utensils.  The closest she came to losing her cool was when we had this conversation over the manicure:
Me:  Those are such elegant glasses!
She:  Sorry, what?
Me:  The glasses---they're elegant
She: You mean mine?
Me: ?????
She:  Are you talking about my glasses?
Me: ......yes.....
She: And what did you say?
Me:  I said, they're elegant
She: What?
Me:  Elegant! they're ELEGANT!
She:  Oh, I thought you said UGLY!

Actually, I took it rather hard that she'd think I could have said that.  After all, there I was in all my eager-to-pleaseness, having already aplolgized to her for having exposed her to my feet.  How could she?

Still it was a great experience made greater by the avocado BLT on a croissant that we got from The Works next door.  Altogether, not counting angst and embarrassment, a fine experience for my now scarlet toenails and my ladylike pinkish fingernails.


  1. I get a pedicure now and again and I really enjoy it. My ugly feet feel and look sooooooooo much better!

  2. I've never had a pedicure but you make me think I might like to try one!

  3. It was so nice to do this together, it was fun and rejuvenating... even though your hands still "sounded" dry. Next time we will have to see my usual lady at York Street, she's the best!

  4. I see you've gone over to the dark ... er scarlet ... side.

  5. What the H - my hands feel like a kitten's tongue and my finger tips are catching on material!! Guess I'll have to get some intense moisturizing cream!

  6. Though I no longer wear the stilletos or pointy toed shoes anymore, it is too late. Both my feet are a mess! I'm making an art journal page about that right now. I do like to get a pedicure occasionally since it's getting hard to reach my toes like I used to. Was your pedicurist a speaker of English?

  7. yes i remember my 1st pedicure (not that long ago) and yes it was scary. but now the 1 or 2 times a yr. i do it, i love it; what a treat. just had mine done in NY last month for the wedding i went to - since i wore open toe shoes. same colors here: red toes and pink fingernails - great minds think alike.