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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I Discover Some Flaws....

What a shock I got when I noticed that my last post was October 4th.  Given that today is the 12th, that makes it the longest hiatus ever for me, and I wasn't even aware enough to take pleasure in it.

I have to make bread pudding today.  Otherwise, Dave and I will go down in a flurry of various delicious breadcrumbs left over from our family thanksgiving feast.  It feels strange though, to say that I "have" to make bread pudding---normally, that's one of my mild pleasures.  I am not a person who gets verklempt over having bought too much of something that subsequently spoils.  I would be very distressed if I didn't have enough of something, so as un-green as that sounds, I consider it a bonus to have come to that understanding with myself.  It helps me to balance out the guilt that so often creeps, or bounds, into my life.

My other guilt-related experience this morning was discovering that even though I recently carried out a major culling of my lipsticks, the container I assigned to hold an acceptable amount of lip decoration is overflowing.  Not only that, it's overflowing onto the overflowing container of eye decoration.

If I were 20, that would be forgivable; 30, verging on something to keep an eye on; 40, something I would have said I did because I could; 50, that would fall under the things excused by menopause.  But here I am, in the dark end of 60 and  I certainly can't justify it as something for which I get value for dollars.

The word "wasteful" comes to mind, but I trashed it.


  1. I am also finding it a bit difficult to post lately. We go through phases.

  2. I like the days when I find a bag of lipsticks, glosses and other barely used make-up pieces in my treasure box by your front door... keep on buying the latest "must-haves" and I'll continue to be trendy - if only on the downhill side or what's hot. love you!